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Altecnic reduces water wastage with new flow regulating ball valve

Architects, construction companies, local authorities and housing associations can make homes and other buildings significantly more environmentally friendly by specifying and installing the new Calflow® flow regulating ball valve from Altecnic, the UK’s leading provider of high-quality plumbing and heating components.

Renowned over 30 years for the design and delivery of innovative plumbing and heating solutions, Altecnic has introduced the new Calflow valve to minimise water wastage, which can lead to major water cost savings for home owners. This is achieved by combining a ball isolating valve and an automatic flow regulating valve into one valve body, which maintains a constant flow of water to an individual outlet – such as a tap, mixer, shower or thermostatic mixing valve.

Using a pre-selected and easily inserted automatic flow cartridge, the Calflow offers a number of benefits when used with hot, cold and mixed water supply pipes. These include being able to isolate outlet fittings for maintenance purposes and prevent overflow by ensuring a continuous and constant flow of water at the desired flow rate. This also ensures customers are protected from splashback caused by high-pressure water when turning on a tap.

Part of the Caleffi group, Altecnic has produced the new Calflow in 15mm and 22mm versions and with a nickel-plated brass body. The valve features PTFE seals, the ball itself is hard chrome plated and the cartridge is made of high resistance polymer to withstand a wide range of temperatures. Installing the Calflow ball valve is easy, with just two compression joints to make.

Ideal for use in homes, council buildings, student accommodation and business premises where water consumption is an issue and space is at a premium, the Calflow can be installed wherever a conventional isolation valve would be used. Capable of coping with flow rates from between 4 and 18 litres a minute, the Calflow helps households, companies, local authorities and others to slash their water bills while satisfying the environmental demands for conserving water. Even more savings can be made when the valve is used with timed or electronic taps, controllers and showers.

Meeting the requirements of the Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme and the Water Technology List, the new flow regulating valve ensures easy access for plumbers to carry out servicing without the need for draining – they simply turn the lever and the water is isolated.

Says Gary Perry, OEM Sales & Technical Director: “The amount of water that the new Calflow flow regulating valve will save makes for a speedy return on investment. Available through Altecnic’s unrivalled nationwide distribution network, the Calflow underlines our commitment to delivering water efficiency solutions for domestic and commercial applications. It is essential to conserve water resources as much as we can and to enable water users to reduce their environmental impact. That’s why the new Calflow is an excellent addition to our extensive range of flow regulation products.”