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Drayton Launches 9° Network Installer Club

But why is it called the 9° Network?

Drayton have been monitoring the behaviour of its customers – both installers and end users – for many years, to see when interest in its range of controls peaks.

It is apparent that as soon as the temperature dips to 9°, homeowners and installers alike begin taking a greater interest in Drayton’s products, and this meant a noticeable spike in the number of visitors to the website.

Catherine Connolly of Drayton Controls, said: “We’ve been analysing the data and it’s clear to see that as soon as the temperature hits 9°, people begin to take more of an interest in their home heating.

“For installers, this is the ideal time to recommend controls installations and upgrades to customers, so that systems can working as efficiently as possible before the colder months set in.  In doing so, installers are able to boost their own business by profiting from the additional work required.

“Drayton is committed to supporting installers, and the launch of the 9° Network is our latest endeavour to inform and assist them, and to also get feedback so we can be continuously improving our products and services.”

Benefits of the 9° Network include:


To find out more about the new Drayton 9° Network and to sign up to become a member, go to or call 0845 130 5522.