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Grundfos Serves Great Service at Wimbledon

With 41 courts to keep irrigated, ground staff have their work cut out to maintain the world-famous Wimbledon Grass Courts.

Water plays a significant role – buts it’s not a case of simply keeping the courts well hydrated; to achieve the perfect playing surface each court has to watered to its own precise needs.

To help them achieve this, the ground staff have an arsenal of Grundfos pumps, all living their quiet existence at the grounds, far from the eyes of the spectators and tennis stars.  This secluded life belies the importance of the pumps and systems, however all the equipment must work flawlessly.

The Grundfos impact at the Wimbledon Championships does not end with the irrigation systems; the company has also supplied all the pumps and related solutions to the all England Club, where they help get the job done without creating a fuss.