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Jaga Helps Bridport United Church

The United Church is a 19th century building in the bustling Dorset market town of Bridport, serving its local community with regular church services and a wide-ranging event calendar. During the past few years, the church has undergone a major renovation to modernise the facility whilst retaining its traditional characteristics. As part of this, it was recommended that a new heating solution be installed.

jaga 2Churches are notoriously difficult spaces to heat effectively and Bridport United Church was no exception. An expansive main worship area features high ceilings and two floors of seating, which needed high output radiators to maintain stable temperatures throughout any given service or special event. In addition, new radiators were required for the church’s main entrance, as well as in a function room towards the rear of the building.

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Having previously collaborated on several projects in the area, Worldwise Ltd. consultants identified Jaga as the manufacturer that could provide the best all-encompassing radiator specification and supply service. After taking the time to understand the specific needs of the project, Jaga’s Technical Estimator, Justin Vicarage, visited the site to take measurements and perform a survey that would inform his radiator recommendations and smoothen the specification process for the church’s decision-makers.

jaga 1“The considerations for the radiators were about far more than just the heat,” explained Peter Kershaw, Treasurer at Bridport United Church and a member of the redevelopment project. “We needed a solution that tied in with the building aesthetically, whilst retaining the space down the perimeter aisles of the hall. Of course on top of that, they had to be exceptionally safe and strong. People frequently lean on the radiators so it was imperative that we had the LST casings to prevent visitors from harm.”

Upon learning the requirements, the Jaga Maxi LST Continuous DBE was chosen as the primary heat source for the main area. Because the radiators are essentially joined together, it gives the visual appearance of one long, sleek radiator lining the two main sides of the hall. The radiators are fitted with Jaga’s LST casing in order to fulfil the church’s safety requirements, keeping surface temperatures below 43°C and making them entirely safe to touch – even when running at maximum output.

In order to provide as much heat as possible, the Maxi LST Continuous was specified to provide a minimum output of 65kW. Then, for that extra heat boost as and when required – for example shortly in advance of a service – Jaga’s Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) fan units were included.

In addition to the main hall, Jaga provided solutions for the church’s upper gallery. At the back of the church, positioned beneath a large stained single-glazed window, the Mini Canal DBE trench heater was installed into the floor – providing ample warmth without detracting from the visual appeal of the spectacular glass façade. Additionally, Mini Freestanding radiators were positioned underneath pews around the edges of the gallery, specified in ‘chocolate brown’ to ensure they were in keeping with the gallery’s rustic wooden appearance.
In the function room behind the church, Jaga’s easy-to-install Guardian LST radiator with one-piece casing was chosen to manage the heat loads. The main entrance area was specified with Jaga Tempo LST and Maxi LST radiators.

Because each Jaga radiator is equipped with Low-H₂O heat emitter technology, it means that this superior heat output is provided without over expending on energy. These low mass, low water heat emitters are highly responsive and as much as 16% more efficient than a traditional steel panelled radiator, which is significantly more cost-efficient in the context of a limited church budget.
“Overall, we are very happy with the radiators and the technical service that our installers, Boilerman Ltd. of Bridport, received from Jaga throughout the entire renovation,” Peter Kershaw of BUC concluded. “Alongside the benefits and reassurance that the site visits provided, it has been very helpful to know that someone is always available on the other end of the phone. Justin provided us with three options to choose from and was flexible in accommodating any query or suggestion we had.”