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Jaga LSTs Feature New Arthritic TRV Adaptors

The new arthritis-friendly adapter fits easily onto the radiator’s standard TRV head and enables better grip for those with a loss of dexterity in their hands.

“In nursing homes occupied by elderly, potentially frail residents, everything should be done to ensure that their safety is guaranteed and their comfort is maximised,” said Phil Marris, Managing Director of Jaga Heating Products UK. “Arthritis is a common condition for occupants in these premises, but we hope this new design feature will at least help residents to retain precise control over their heating comfort.”

The NHS estimates that 10 million people in the UK live with arthritis, many of whom are over the age of 65 and live in care homes. By combining the Arthritic TRV Aid with Jaga’s safe-to-touch LST radiator technology, care home operators can ensure they have the most appropriate heating package for maximising residents’ comfort and well-being.

The arthritic TRV is compatible with the Jaga Thermostatic Head, High Level Valve and Remote Controlled Head, which are used across Jaga’s range of LST radiators. This includes the Guardian, Sentinel, Maxi, Tempo and Cocoon – each of which features Jaga’s energy-efficient Low-H₂O technology, which incorporates highly responsive heat emitters that are fast reacting to ensure occupant comfort and can provide energy savings of between 9-16%.

To find out more about Jaga LST radiators and the Arthritic TRV adaptor, download the Jaga LST Catalogue here or visit