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New Ravenheat Boilers Deliver Quality At An Affordable Price

Installers will no longer have to sacrifice quality for price, thanks to Ravenheat’s new low-priced combi boilers that join its enviable line-up. The new CS80 and CS90 combi models not only validate the company’s commitment to providing superior heating and hot water solutions at competitive prices, they endorse the company’s assurance of reliability with a free two-year guarantee.

Incorporating a range of features normally associated with higher priced models – including low energy consumption, easy to use touch controls, large visible temperature adjustment, and brass and premium branded components – the new boilers also boast excellent flow rates. Whist the CS80 model delivers an output of 25kW to domestic hot water (DHW) with a flow rate of 10.2 litres through a 35°C rise, the CS90 model delivers a 30kW output to DHW with a flow rate of 12 litres through a 35°C rise.

Compact in size – measuring just 700mm high x 400mm wide x 300mm – the new models are exceptionally quiet in operation and are easy to install, thanks to their lightweight design and removable side panels. Low NOx class 5 also means they meet new stringent building codes.

Louis Pickersgill, Managing Director at Ravenheat explains: “These latest additions to our range dispel any myth that it’s only the high-priced boilers that can provide a superior heating and hot water solution.

“Ravenheat have found that customers are demonstrating that they no longer want to pay high prices for products that can be bought for much less. These new models now offer a value for money product solution that does not forgo the highest quality components,  performance and reliability”, he adds.

In addition to a built-in condensation trap that is designed to help reduce nuisance freezing in winter, each boiler boasts an innovative adjustable condensation pipe that is conveniently located after the trap to assist the installation versatility. To save further installation time, a manual and automatic air vent enables air to be purged out of the system more easily when commissioning. A weather compensator is available as an optional extra, making these boilers perfect for new build properties.

Built to exacting ISO 9001 standards using quality components, the new models carry the European CE mark, with each appliance undergoing rigorous testing and operating procedures.

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Founded in 1987, Ravenheat is an independent boiler manufacturer with head offices, R&D and training facilities in Leeds and manufacturing operations in Verona, Italy. Over the years, the company has pioneered many advances in boiler technology, including the first-ever condensing boiler in 1996 and more recently, the award-winning Energycatcher™ that delivers savings on hot water. With full control over the design and production of products to the highest standards, Ravenheat continues to push the boundaries of energy efficiency by developing low-cost heat and hot water solutions, without the need to invest in expensive renewable technologies