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Powrmatic Radiant Heaters Protect Paints

Powrmatic has supplied two PTUL 35 radiant U-tube heaters to provide effective temperature control at Keim Mineral Paints’ warehouse in Telford.

Keim Mineral Paints are natural, water-borne silicate paints that produce a micro-porous coating that is both durable and waterproof while allowing the substrate to ‘breathe’.


Given the complex formulation of the paints, the environmental conditions in the warehouse are critical to maintaining product quality. However, despite good thermal insulation, warehouse temperatures could fall dramatically in cold winters and the company had been using portable heaters to maintain acceptable temperatures for both staff and products.

Keim Managing Director David Pratt explained:

“Keeping temperatures above 0ºC is critical for mineral paints, as once they have frozen they are unusable. The decision to install an internal heating system was an important one, taking into account the size of area and the cost to the business. The installation by Lindon was very straightforward, clean and well controlled”.


The Powrmatic gas-fired radiant heaters have been installed at high level to provide direct heating of key areas of the warehouse while ensuring optimum energy efficiency.